Weekly Summary: June 27 – July 3

Weekly Training Summary 2
DayPlanned WorkoutsActual WorkoutsTotal TimePace
MondayRun 2 milesRun 2 miles27:4113.85 min/mi
WednesdaySwim 800 metersREST0 0
ThursdayBike 12 milesBike 13.65 miles1:014.40 min/mi
FridayRun 3 milesRun 3 miles42:1014.05 min/mi
SundaySwim 1000 metersSwim 1000 meters31:473.18 min/100 m
Total Biking12 miles13.65 miles1:014.40 min/mi
Total Running5 miles5 miles69:5113.97 min/mi
Total Swimming1800 meters1000 meters31:473.18 min/100 m
Total Strength0 minutes0 minutes0 minutes

We were on vacation on Southport Island, ME for the week.  Wednesday was rainy and I planned to take the kids to the YMCA and swim laps while they played, but the pool was too far away and too complicated for the kids to use so I bagged it.  On Sunday the 26th I biked 13.65 miles in 1:01, a personal best I am pretty proud of.  Saturday the 2nd was the pack and travel day, so I got quite an unofficial workout.

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