Weekly Summary: July 4 – July 10

Weekly Training Summary 2

July 4 - July 10: Training Plan vs Actual

DayPlanned WorkoutsActual WorkoutsTotal TimePace
Total Strength40 minutes000
MondayBike 11 miles
Strength 20 min
Bike 11.16 miles46.495:29
TuesdayRun 2.25 milesRESTRESTREST
WednesdayRESTRun 2.2 miles26:1511.93
ThursdayRun 3 milesRESTRESTREST
FridaySwim 800 meters
Strength 20 min
SaturdayBike 14 miles
Run 3.11 miles41:2013:29
SundaySwim 1000 metersSICKSICKSICK
Total Biking25 miles11.1646.495:29
Total Running5.25 miles5.2167:3512:61
Total Swimming1800 meters000

Not a great week for sticking to a plan.  On Monday, I tipped over on a turn on my bike, skinning my left knee and elbow, bruising my right knee and spraining my right thumb.  On Thursday, I had a endometrial biopsy as part of assessment of my fibroids and felt pretty yucky afterward.  Plus I spent almost three hours at the doctor’s office.  On Sunday I came down with the stomach flu.  Not a good week.

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