14 Mile Bike Ride to Where the Pavement Ends


Tried a new route today.  I am working on a 14+ mile loop instead of the same out and back I’ve been doing.  I mapped out a route and tried it last week but got hopelessly turned around and had to tack on some extra riding in town to get to 13 miles.  This time I stopped when I started feeling lost and mostly stayed on the route.  It was great!   There are two big reservoirs, a wetlands, some huge houses and lots up up and down hills.  But unfortunately, also – at the wetlands – a quarter mile of gravel road.

When I got to the sign that read “pavement ends” I couldn’t believe it, but sure enough, it did end.  I kept going through, with my teeth rattling and my shoes out of the pedals just in case.

On the other side was a big uphill, which would have been fine except my chain fell out when I tried to switch from the lowest front ring to the middle ring.  Grrr.

I missed the last right turn that would have taken me around the second reservoir and ended up back on the road I started on sooner than I planned, but that was no big deal.  I may try to find a version of this route that avoids the gravel, but I really liked it.

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